Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Festival of Colors

We went to the Festival of Colors at the Hari Krishna Temple on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I enjoy learning about other people's cultures. They have a lot of dancers perform and then they explain what the ceremony means and then they give the word to throw the chalk. It is a lot of fun once the dust settles and you can breathe again lol. Here are some pics of the event!

Monday, March 23, 2009

What makes a good road trip???

So we went to Idaho to visit a friend of ours (she's kind of a big deal). And I feel like there are many factors that make a road trip successful and entertaining!!! Take note that the following is what is needed for a fabulous road trip.....

The Vehicle... We borrowed Todd's moms van. It might have been one of the most amazing vans I have ever been in. It was one of those ghetto vans from like the 90's that have green carpet from top to bottom. One of the ones with drapes in the windows and lap belts that the elderly drive when they tour the country... it was pretty fabulous! Stepping into this van was like entering a different world... anything was possible in this van... you might even say it was a magical van!! LOL!

The People... The 5 of us that went of course added to the entertainment factor. There was my BFF's Jamie and Brooke and then there was Brooke's boyfriend Todd and her little brother Scotty. I feel like we all brought a little something to the trip! We pretty much jammed out in the van and sang our little hearts out while pigging out on junk food the whole way there (very necessary)!
The Company... When we got there we met up with Princess Michelle and her BFF's Mesho and Stevo and the 3 of them played with the 5 of us all weekend... it was magical!
The Activities... We pretty much rocked the socks off of Idaho!!! We played at the park. We went to Walmart (for a very long time) and while we were there we found books, so we took turns posing like the covers... very fun! We also all invested in a bandana which we proceeded to wear the rest of the day (we are cool like that!!) Then we grabbed some lunch, hit up the grocery store, then headed into Idaho Falls. There we went Go Cart Racing and played at the arcade. We went to another park and then ate dinner at our personal fave, Red Robin, before heading back into Rexburg. We got back and put in a movie and crashed. Sunday we went to church, came home, and made dinner then napped slashed watched a movie. Then the finale... we taught our friends the fabulous tradition of "Rock Star Shots"... which brings me to my next point....

The Drama... We all drank A LOT before we left and then we said good bye and hit the road! Well it wasn't too long into our drive when James and I decided that we needed to go potty and he made Todd pull over! Once we were back on the road and feeling good we were cruisin' and singing when all of a sudden we feel our fabulous van start to slow drastically and Todd announces "I think we are out of gas, I forgot to look down at the gage before we left" So we were able to roll off the side of the road just before the engine shut down and we died on the side of the road.... luckily, when I say I have people, I have people! I have family that lives about 40 minutes from where we were broke down and they were sweet enough to come save us and give us gas.... I freaking love them!!! But that is not even the drama of the night... while we waited for them we had about an hour... and in that hour my sad little blatter had time to fill back up, well if you know me, you know that I DO NOT PEE IN BUSHES! However, it got to the point where it was that, or die from exploding!! So I take my girls with me and we venture outside the van... we got about 5 feet into the desert land when Brooke says "You don't think there are rattle snakes do you?" Well "H" no I am NOT pee'ing out here now!!! So back by the van we stand (well they stand, I am doing the potty dance) and we thought of a plan B. Might I add that it is snowing and freezing! I decided to squat right there by the back tire while my valiant girls stand watch, blocking me.... well I INEVITABLY pee on myself and my pants cause I have never been good at this "squatting" thing! So here I am on the side of the highway, in the snow, covered in pee, laughing our butts off and I am changing my pants! It was very entertaining. Our rescuers showed up eventually and helped us out and we were once again back on the road... we made it home... late... but we made it and I had so much fun!!!!

And there you have it... the ingredients for a road trip worth remembering!!!

Van and Gas= $150
Food, Fun and Activities= $65
Standing on the side of the highway in the snow, half naked and covered in pee with your best friends= PRICELESS!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Russell and Marie's Wedding

My Brother got married last weekend. It was such a fun day. Here are some pics!