Monday, October 19, 2009

One year older... I only wish I was wiser too!

Well another year has come and gone. I was trying to think about my feelings of the last year and how I feel like it went... It seems to have been relatively successful, but as anyones life, it had its ups and downs!

Overall I cant complain, my health has been good. I still have a job, even if I don't always like going, a job is still a job! I started Beauty school... something I have always wanted to do and finally got the courage to do it this past May. I love it too, every second of it!!! My family is doing well... Dad is doing much better.

I made a lot of really good friends. Some of them have been the best friends I have ever had... ever! One of them moved away and we are still best friends... she is more like family, and will ALWAYS be a part of my life no matter how many states lay between us! One of my other best friends and I ended up drifting apart sadly and although we aren't as close now, I will never regret the days we spent together... he taught me so much about me and who I am. I still think the world of him and hope that even when we aren't together as much that things are well with him. I have had a lot of good friends that have been there for me... I have rekindled lost friendships and made existing ones stronger and made many new ones. I don't know where I would be with out the love and support of my friends! They are sometimes the only reason I get out of bed somedays!

I have had a little heartache and A LOT of laughter. I have had cried and held family and friends as they have cried. I have sang and laughed and looked for the positive in some sad times. I have learned that life doesnt stop so neither can I and life is what you make of it.... so I have vowed to make mine a damn good one!

I have made plenty mistakes over the last year and learned many life lessons... but most of all I have spent a lot of time figuring out who I am and where I am going. I love where I am going with my dreams and my goals and I feel good about my future! I am ready for another year. I am ready to have new challenges and new adventures. I am sure there will be many more nights where I cry, but I am positive that I will have more happy days than not. I will make more friends and share another year of holidays with my family... A girl cant ask for more than that! I need to count my blessings cause I have been blessed with more than I deserve!