Friday, September 18, 2009


In class we learn how to be creative, think outside the box. It is fun to try new things and now that I feel more comfortable doing hair and make-up I love trying to come up with new and interesting things to try. It is fun to see what you can do... Yesterday Meriam and I were on our way home and I had the brilliant idea to give myself a mohawk when we got home. HAHA well that turned out AWESOME so we decided to do Meriams hair too. Then we needed freak awesome make-up to match out new cool do's! Once we were all done up, we convinced my mom to join the fun. It is cool to see what you can do. We of course need pictures afterwards and it was the perfect opportunity for a photo shoot. haha I never turn down a photo-op! So here is what we got, not only was I happy with how our hair and make up turned out, I loved the pictures too. We had so much fun!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goodbye is never easy!

My best friend in the whole world left on Sunday. She got a job in Washington and so she packed up and headed out for her new adventure. I am so proud of her but I am having Jamie withdrawals... We found out that she had 2 weeks before she had to be there so we made sure to squeeze in as many fun things as we could up until she left! We did a lot of fun things. Some of my favorites were 80's dancing and her goodbye party it was fun to spend her last night with her and some of our closest friends...
I was thinking yesterday of all the fun times we have had together and all the things we did together. We had some heartaches and some tears we also shared everything with each other. I have never had a friend like her and we will be friends forever... a few states will not pull us apart.. I love you Jamie Jerms... Good Luck with everything!!!