Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jazz Game!!!

So last night we got a big group of 14 people and we went to the Jazz game! It was a blast and became more of an adventure than we anticipated! We left at 5:30 and we went to the Sandy Station to ride tracks. We had a blast on the train and got dropped off right at the game. We found our seats which were nearly at the top but they we only $10 tickets so we didnt complain and the game started... it was so much fun. We had some Suns fans in the group and the Jazz fans had the glory of the win! After the game we went to he Applebee's at the gateway and we had reservations so we had to hurry, well I was wearing my 4 1/2 inch heels (i know, who does that? but I had to becuase I only had my tall levis clean and I had to wear pants haha) SO I had to run from the wrong side of the Energy Solutions Center over to the Gateway in 4 1/2 inch heels which I have to say takes quite talent and I ROCKED IT!!! We ate some dinner, me and James and Colt ate family style and we all consumed WAY too much food! Afterwords we went out and realized that we missed the last train to Sandy so we had to wait there for about 30 min and we had fun playing on the train tracks (dont tell our parents lol) then we rode a train to murray where we had a ride waiting to take the drivers to the Sandy Station to get the cars and go back and get the group! Once we did that and got home it was 1:30. The night turned out longer than we thought but over all it was a great night and I wouldnt have changed a thing!!! I love my friends so much!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Am I Crazy or just Insane?!?

First rule to know if you are going to be friends with me.... anybody??

Here is a hint (or the actual rule).... Don't talk to me before 10 AM if you expect me to be nice to you. haha

Seriously though, I am NOT a morning person... AT ALL! I despise the mornings and really it is a well known rule to not even think about it before 10 AM. At work they used to tell new people they hired not to talk to me til then, I am pretty sure it was part of their training as a new employee!!

BUT here it is 6:20 AM and I have been to work for a half an hour all ready, am I CRAZY or just seriously insane?!? I am so tired and I am going to be lucky if I can make it through this day! Why am I at work at 5:50 in the freaking morning you ask??? Good question! Apparently I decided that i am too good for sleep.... not!! I LOVE my bed and my sleep more than anything in the world which is why I decided to forego going to bed last night. I was helping a friend (I was called upon late last night and being the good listener and sweet person I am I was happy to be of service) and so when I was done talking to this friend it was like 1:30... (not too bad, sounds about like my usuall winding down time) but then I ran upstairs for "just a minute" haha and didnt come back down until 3:30. So, at this time I decided to think rashionally and weigh my options. I could go to bed but once I was in we all know i wouldnt wake up til noon which would make me WAY late for work and I cant afford to miss the hours, or I could clean my messy room that I have been to busy to get too... then shower and go to work early... which of course means getting off early... which would include me napping! I took option 2, I figured if I came in late then I would get off late and my night is booked with exciting unmissable events! So.... here I am at work at 5:50 in the morning trying hard already to keep my eyes open (hoping it will get easier when other human life shows up to keep me company) and wondering if I am really as INSANE as I feel!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Woo Hoo!

I just found out that I took first place in the creative catergory for the costume contest at work! I was shocked but very excited! I went as Juno (I loved that movie and got the idea from my brilliant boss) she came up with the costume and I have to give her credit! But the role was so fun to play! They take our photos at work for those who dressed up, which is pretty much everyone, and here are a few of my favorites...I also entered a treat for the treat contest and took third place! I saw this adorable lizard cake on Tammys blog a while back but spooked it up a bit for the halloween contest!!!