Friday, September 26, 2008

Batter Up!

Aww, being young and single… take it from me, being young and single is not all it is cracked up to be. It actually makes my brains hurt! I have been hearing A LOT about the “game” lately and have been informed that I am not playing it correctly. I have learned that if there is one thing guys are good at, it is using their “manly sports analogy” to explain dating to us women folk. Surprisingly, I have learned that I am equally skilled at this and can stump them in their own game. I am quite proud of that fact. All guys do this, the way my father put it to me a while back, “You don’t need to switch teams, you just need to stop being a benchwarmer for the team you are on” Thanks dad! Fabulous advice! So, that is what I am going to do. In a conversation on Sunday with a cousin of mine, who will remain nameless, we were talking about how guys don’t always realize that they found a good catch. They are too stupid to see that they caught the ball and can then take themselves out of the game, so they drop the ball and keep playing. (I personally think they need some coaching). I was then informed that there are different kinds of catches, all good catches but maybe not the one that a guy is hoping for, like fish in the sea… all pretty colors but guys have different tastes. So then our little “sport analogy” went to a “fishing analogy” to which I replied… Why are some guys stupid enough to “catch and release” a great girl? Then they are just left on the side of the river hoping for someone else to bite when they already had a great one that took the bait! He said that, “Some guys like rainbow fish… some like trout, some like gold fish, so if a guy catches a great clown fish it is a great fish but he lets it go hoping for a rainbow fish.” My only rebuttal to that was this, "how does a guy know that he doesn’t like clown fish if he never gives the clown fish a chance?” Well, I won the argument cause there was no come back to that one! I may be the clown fish but some guys are just dumb “basses”! ;) That is my question now though…. What makes a person decide they can’t be with a person if they never gave that person a fair chance?!? We have all done it guys and girls! We are so caught up in what we “think” we are looking for that we don’t give the ones we have a chance. I know I am guilty of this and that is something I need to be aware of. But after this discussion, I have come to a conclusion, I decided that not only am I going to get in the game, I am going to be “MVP” of the game!! I don’t know how well it will work for me but sitting on the “sidelines” hasn’t gotten me too far either… haha so, wish me luck cause I am up to bat!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In your dreams!

Don't you hate bad dreams? I don't, well I never did. I have never really remembered my dreams, seriously I will remember less than 5 in a year. Once I wake up... I have no recollection of what it was that was keeping me entertained while in my sleep world. I think this is kinda sad that I dont remember my dreams but at the same time, nightmares or bad dreams never seemed to be an issue for me. Until now. I think I have been having bad dreams becuase every night for the past week and a half almost I wake up in the night sweaty and freaking out. I am in tears and I am upset and breathing heavy, then I when I wake up in the mornings I have been waking up in terrible moods. I wake up upset and mad and on the verge of tears. I dont know if I am having the same dream over and over or if it is different ones. Whatever it is, it has been getting me pretty upset and I have no clue what it was even about. NO recollection at all. Well needless to say the lack of good sleep for the week has got me in a semi grumpy mood and I have a headache that wont seem to go away :( Last night I technically got 10 hours of sleep but woke up 3 times and only feel like I got 4 hours tops! It is weirding me out! I am hoping that whatever the dream issue is will resolve itself soon so I can get some sleep again.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Post....

I am a blogger now! I wasnt going to be but I had to make a blog as a portfolio for work and I was making a header for it. I made two and couldnt decide which one to use, and I decided to use them both, so I created a blog for me and one for work so that I can use both headers... I do what I can to solve a problem! HAHA! I dont know what I have to write about on a blog but I am sure I will think of something now and again. It is kind of fun to catch up with people and see what they are up to!