Thursday, December 31, 2009

I escaped death!!!

OMGSH! So some people would describe me as overly "dramatic" I would say it is not true at all, I am more like overly "passionate" haha. Anyways that is my disclaimer for this post because last night, I narrowly escaped death!

(side note: this next fact has to be known to all of you or this post will make NO sense... I HATE the number 11, especially 11:11!!! I think it is evil and I am almost positive that that number will eventually have something to do with my demise!)

Ok, so last night I am driving home from my loverly friend Litto's house and it is pretty late, and the roads are pretty slick, like pure ice, no joke! I might as well have been driving on the 7 peaks Ice Rink! Anyways, so I am driving and I am a little nervous in the icy conditions but just then I look down and the clock in my car says 11:11 (OMGSH right?!? insert sqeual here...) So then I freak out in my head and I turn to look at my gages to make sure everything is "under control" and GUESS WHAT?!?! my mileage was 111 too! wow! I was like that has to be a coincidence, not a good one, but one just the same. So I am talking myself out of panicking and into breathing and just then song number 11 comes on and it was my funeral song!!! (that sounds weird but hear me out, so there is a song I always say I want played at my funeral and because of that and the fact that I am overly "passionate", I never listen to that song while driving a car... but yesterday I found a random music CD in my desk at work and took it out and popped it when I left) Ok so here I was sliding, not driving, sliding down state street at 11:11 at night with my mileage at 111 and the funeral song playing at track number 11! You would think I would change the song or push the minute button on the clock or do SOMETHING to better my odds in this situation, but I was too scared to lift my hands off the steering wheel, they were white knuckle gripped at 10 and 2!! Needless to say I made it home ok! whew! I know you were all worried there for a minute!!! But the creepy part is, is that I was telling my daddy this story this morning and he said that he rolled over in bed to get a drink last night and looked at the clock and it was 11:11 and he thought "I should text Jessie", but then he refrained in case I was driving... (he knows I am not the best at waiting til I park to read texts haha we are working on that) But anyways, it was traumatic, I think that Julia Roberts should play me in the movie ;)