Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summertime Blues...

Really I dont have much to write about, but too many people are complaining that it has been to long since I updated... So I will update you on my summer!

I cant believe its Summer! This seems insane to me, I feel like this year is going by way too fast! So I need to crack down... starting in July I am picking up tons of extra hours in school, and trying to bust that out, the sooner I can finish there and start getting paid to do hair the better! Also, I am working out my move to Washinton, hopefully it is sooner rather than later!

Summer so far has been full of fun activities, family gatherings, friends, road trips, birthdays and parties! Russell and Marie are moving to Guetemala next sunday for a few years so we are having a goodbye gathering for them on Saturday. I will really miss them, Marie has been the perfect addition to our family!

So why is my summer been blue? Cause I feel like the one person I want to be here with me basking in the sun is gone for the summer and it is making me very very sad, I miss him so much and cant wait til he comes back home! Everyday feels like Monday with him gone, so I just pray that he will be safe and watched over and come home soon!

Other than that, I have lots of plans still for this summer, camping, moving, swimming, more birthdays and fun fun fun! I love summer and wish it could be this nice all year long!

oh and my shameless plug-in.... I need credits at school and I can do pretty much anything, I get double credits for request clients so I would love for you to all come see me and set up an appointment, we can catch up while I pamper you and you would be helping me graduate! Hope to see you soon!