Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Say What?!?

It has been a while since I posted cause to be honest I dont know what to say! I dont know what to do with my life and therefore I dont know what I want and I am confused out of my mind at the moment due to recent events and so I have just been sitting back waiting for some kind of something to come along and give me a little direction in my life. I think I am going through like a mid life crisis or something, except I dont plan on dying at 46 so I am thinking maybe like a quarter life crisis (does that exist?). Anyways I have tried to keep myself busy the last few weeks as to not go insane thinking about the things in life I dont want to think about! Keeping busy isnt too hard to do, I threw my BFF a birthday party and it was an all day event that turned out great (this is her...)
I have also just been working alot and going to the gym. But the big thing that has been helping me keep my sanity is that I have changed my attitude through scripture study and prayer and I decided that it is the Lords will not mine... I need to have faith that the Lord has my best interest at heart and he knows what is in store for me and will help lead me to those things if I am faithful. Which can sometimes be hard when you want things in the moment but I have a testimony that the Lord is on my side and loves me. It is times like these when I am extra grateful for this knowledge and feel so blessed to have this gospel in my life!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Birthday Bash!

Birthdays really are my favorite thing and I had hyped up my birthday party so much that I was slightly worried it would be a bit of a let down. BUT that was the best freaking birthday bask EVER! I had so much fun and pretty much have the best friends and family in the world... they all did sooo much to make the day special. It was a birthday I will NEVER forget! They let me sleep in and then get all cute before we went to lunch at CPK
Then I ran some errands (I had too, it was a day off work and I had to get things done while I had the chance) and while I was gone my roomates did an AMAZING job and decorating for my FIESTA birthday party.
Then the party began, we had tacos and chips and salsa and it was so fun to just have all my friends over to party and celebrate with me.
And last but not least.... we went to the Haunted Forest (I really do LOVE that place) this time was different though... some of my friends thought it woudl be funny to go ahead in the group and tell every monster slash bad guy in the place that i was coming and it was my birthday.... so about half way through one of the monsters was like "which one of you is Jessie?" FREAKED ME OUT!!! He knew my name and from that point on, every single one of them asked which one was Jessie and then personally and brutally would attack and freak me out! It was totally scary but ridiculously fun! I dont have a voice today from screaming.... but still, SUPER FUN! It was great!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I will say that if I am high maintanance slash self absorbed slash incredibly picking slash demanding about one thing.... it would be my BIRTHDAY! I LOVE birthdays even when they are not my own. I love them so much that I celebrate all of my friends half birthdays too because in my opinoin, a year is a long time to wait! SO I have not only been awaiting my birthday (which isnt coming fast enough) but I have been celebrating my birthday week to make the time go faster! My awsome sweet friends made me a birthday week chain that I get to pull of one ring everyday til my birthday and they have also been so sweet and kind to sing me a new song every day up to the big day itself, I also get love pre-birthday texts and messages on facebook (I am super spoiled)! I have been basking in the attention and birthday glory! Just when I thought I had it made... I came back from my break at work and my super sweet boss had made me a cupcake cake and decorated my office! Thanks Natalie! Here are some pics: the cake was adorable!
The tip of the cupcake was a gumball, so after we ate the cake.... I had to take a moment and bask in my "birthday bubble blowing" glory! (The camera was not quite quick enough and we only got the before and after) HAHA!

Thanks everyone! Ya'll sure know how to make a girl feel loved and so far this has been the BEST birthday in the history of my birthday and I have not even had my birthday yet!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Totally Random Week.....

I had the most random week. But at the same time I have had so much stinking fun that I might kill over soon from the incredible lack of sleep! I have tried to keep up but I am about dead... so here are the highlights, then the details, in the last week I fell in love, ended up looking 8 months pregnant, found me a backup husband, got my pants scared off on a slighlty awkward but totally fun date, and had one main goal (to which is not yet been accomplished!) WOW!

Here it goes.... you all ready for this??

I fell in love! I went to a concert with a friend last Saturday and was really only going to hang with this friend cause I never get to see her! I had never heard of this singer we were going to see but then I got there and literally fell in love with him.... He was so pretty I wanted to cry!!! then he sang and played and the guitar and he and only got hotter! Serioulsy I now own alot of his songs and he is my new favorite, not only is he incredibly pretty but he is sooo talented... I love the U2 song with or without you and he does and amazing cover of that song! So this is my new love! (oh FYI his name is John Allred)I would say that one of my weaknesses is that I HATE being told that I "can't" or "won't" do something. So I ended up at Maceys grocery store in quite a pickle! My sister has this pillow that seriously looks like a pregnant belly. And I was wearing it to show/explain part of my Halloween costume idea (which you all cant know about yet shhh!) any ways my friend Jamal came over and we were going to go to Macey's to get some treats and he made the comment that I needed to take the pillow out cause I can't wear it to the store with him.... well then I said "I can't?!?" and he said "well you can, but you won't!" Challenge extended so we went to the store, he kept thinkning I would take it out in the car but I wore it with pride through our 30 min shopping extravaganza! He was totally embarrassed and to my luck I only ran into 2 people that I knew and they are close enough friends to know it was a joke! Luckily we found some cute BYU onsies at the store and took a cute picture to document the occasion!Being a "cat lady" is no longer an option! Unless my back-up gets married! HAHA I got to talk to one of my very best friends Dave the other day. I miss him so much! He moved in April to Iowa to go to Med school and I am super having Dave withdrawls. We were chatting on the phone the other day and we started talking about 'back-ups' and we decided that if we are both single in 7 years when we turn 30 then we are going to Seal the Deal (in the temple of course!) hopefully that will not be the case... not because I dont adore him but I just dont plan on being single in 7 years.... but who knows right?!? It is always good to have a plan. This is my favorite picture of my favorite Dave! I stinking adore him! He is and will always be a big time BFF!
Last night I went to the haunted forest on a double date with one of my cousins and a friend of mine and a friend of his. We decided to set each other up and go out. Super fun! My date was a little awkward (bless his heart) but it was still so fun and lucky for him.... we went to the haunted house after dinner and I was scared out of my mind so he got to have me on his arm all night! HAHA! I forgot how much I love the Haunted Forest and this time of year (thanks Maleen for opening my eyes to such a fabulous place)! It was a good time! (no this was not my date, in case any of you were confused)

And last but not least, I have ONE goal right now! And I have had no luck :(. The other day I decided that it is VERY important that I have a theme song!!! You know, something that when you hear it you think "that is totally Jessie!" but so far no go. I have had a lot of suggestions which were (mostly) all appreciated but I just have not found that "one" that is MY SONG! I am thinking of giving up and writing one soon haha! But I will not give up and I will continue on my quest til I find the perfect song for the purpose! (ooh maybe I will have my new love write me one!!) but seriously if anything comes to you feel free to share cause I wont stop til I am satisfied!

LOL! I am done with my little rant... I told you my week was random and if I could just sleep through next week I would but I can't cause I gotta work and I would miss my birthday which would just be TRAGICAL!!! ;)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Beautiful Day!!!

I had the oppurtunity to go to the afternoon Sunday Sessoion of conference. I have never been to conference there before so that was really cool. To make it more special is that I got to go with some friends and family. Especially 3 of my cousins. One of them Abe, just got baptized in August, Sami is getting baptized when he turns 18 in November, and Meriam who also wants to be baptized when she turns 18 (but she has a few years). They were so fun to watch as they experienced that for the first time. The spirit was so strong in that building that I felt blessed that they were able to be there and I just pray that they were able to feel the spirit that was there and that they can learn for themselves and gain a testimony of our prophet and his teachings. I was so touched by the talks this year. Especially the one by Elder Cook who talked about trials and challenges and how we need to depend on our Heavenly Father, that was just what I needed to hear at this time! I loved this weekend and I loved the hours I was able to spend with some of my favorite people! Here are some pictures from our afternoon at Temple Square... (I tried to do small pics but you couldnt see... :( so I just picked 10 of my favs, I know it is alot but we had fun and I wanted to share!)

Friday, October 3, 2008

I rock the block!!

So, my friends have been trying to get me to come play broom hockey with them every thursday for weeks... I have found numerous excuses not to go. I just have not been in the mood. But last night I decided that it was time. I so wanted to go kick some broom hockey butt. Me and my friend Litto got all warrior, and painted ourselves for the occasion. Neither of us had ever played before and we were expecting to stink up the ice! BUT they let me be goalie (I think they were just going to for a minute and then make me move) but turns out.... I am a BRICK WALL! Theme song for the night.... "Na Na Na NA Cant stop this!" We were undefeated and it was an "ace" game. I blocked at least 30 shots and we won 18 to 0! Thats right... I think it was the face paint... got them all inimidated!!! SO fun. I will be going next week and I am stoked about it... so fun!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Switch it Up!

Incase you didn't notice in the last post... I am now a brunette! Never done that before! I was sitting on Saturday listening to the amazing talks at the General Releif Society Conference, when I realized that if I did not take control of something and make some kind of change in my life... I was going to go nuts!!! My life has been a little crazy these days and I feel like they are things that I have no control over... so I was thinking "what do I have control over that I can change"... well my hair is the first thing I thought of... I wanted to go brown. So I went to the store that night and got some dye. I attempted it myself and it didnt turn out too bad! HAHA! But the color wasnt quite right... so round two... last night I decided to fix it and went two shades darker! Unfortunatly it doesnt make me any smarter though.... I am a redhead, pretending to be brunette but still incredably blonde! HAHA! But for now it might just keep me sane enough to keep me happy! Sometimes a change is all you need!

Do it for the kids....

We just finished the Jim Thornton Provo Craft Spanish Fork Tifie Organization children in Congo need new school desks Awareness Fun Run Race for the Cure. At least that is what we named it (for those of you who are Office fans... we were inspired by MICHEAL SCOTT DUNDER MIFFLIN SCRANTON MEREDITH PALMER MEMORIAL CELEBRITY RABIES AWARENESS PRO-AM FUN RUN RACE FOR THE CURE.) Anywho.... Provo Craft has an Organization called Tifie, that donates to Children in Congo. It is a great Organization. Well today we had a fundraiser to raise money to buy the schools some desks because the children are currently sitting on the floor to learn. For every lap around our building that we walked we earned $5 for the cause. It is a half mile around the building. Me and my boss Natalie and her fabulous fetus Peanut made it around 7 times. It was so fun to get away from the computer for a bit and do something for a good cause! Then they fed us lunch, so today has been pretty good so far! And for the record.... I am SO NOT hitting the gym today this totally counts as my workout!